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Programme Manager
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Programme Manager

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To deliver business benefit by establishing, maintaining and flexing a viable programme of projects.
This role can be asked to carry out any of the following three functions at any point of time:
• Programme Management,
• Portfolio Management
• Project Management: (large complex projects where there is a high-risk of the unknown)
Focus on orchestration of business transition planning: Structuring, planning and sequencing the required change in line with the business transition states. This role centers on orchestrating the delivery of the set of projects.
Portfolio Management - Focus on delivering a linked set of projects: Coordinating and managing a set of projects/and or activities that have some common factor or dependency between them as a unit so that they deliver the required outcomes.
Project Management: Focus on delivering relatively unique activities within a temporary structure: To deliver specific outputs within cost, quality and time parameters and on benefit where the operational capability to deliver the required outputs does not exist. For a Principal Project Manager, the types of projects allocated would be where we are unsure of what the project needs to achieve and are unsure of the content and how it is to be delivered

Project Management Professional Certification (PMP).
No less than 5 years of experience.
Good communication skills.
Dependable & quality focused professional.

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