Our focus is to develop solutions that create a standardised and flexible enterprise business application that connects disparate systems,
users, applications, information and networks within and across organisations, securely and reliably.

Skhomo Technologies provides enterprise application solutions as an all encompassing offering addressing ERP systems, and other related
solutions providing integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP), client relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM),
and Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) software solutions. In point form some of the areas we cover include:

o Client relationship management (CRM),
o Supply chain management (SCM)
o Enterprise Business Suite (EBS)
o System and Application Database Administration

We offer the following software solutions:
Oracle BI,ERP and Technology Products
Microsoft Technology Products
Linux Technology Products
o Information Architecture & Data Architecture
o Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Business Process &nformation Architecture Development

ERP portal & Workflow Development
ERP Self-help Portal Development
Full scale ERP systems & Integration

ERP Infrastructure Platforms
ERP Business Intelligence Solutions (BI)

o Data warehousing (DWH)
o Data mining (DM) (Historical & Predictive Analystics)
o Data Matching & Analysis
o Online analytical processing (OLAP)
o Real-time data analytics
o Executive & Operational Dashboards
o Enterprise Reporting & Notification

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