Design and implementation of network infrastructure
Maintenance and micro-design
Managed services
Network consulting and design
Network audit and optimisation
Security and support
Product procurement
Bandwidth optimisation
Managed enterprise networks
Within the above technologies, we have a comprehensive service offering that includes:
Local Area Networks (LAN) - high performance, exceedingly reliable networks that are a critical link in the value chain of service
delivery to consumer and business customers.
WAN (Routing/RAS) - maximising connectivity between physically remote sites to realise the benefits of more efficient business
communications through e-mail, the Internet, and LAN-to-LAN networking.
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - realising the cost-savings, increased functionality and productivity offered by IP telephony
Wireless - leveraging off and utilising increasingly pervasive wireless technologies.
Mobility and VPNs- meeting the technology and business demands of the remote workforce.

Our proven multi-disciplinary expertise, technologies and experience allow us to offer a full range of network services and solutions to assist
our clients in the deployment and management of complex technologies in heterogeneous environments.

Our network expertise spans the following technologies:


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