Increase operational efficiency

Plan on the move. Make the best decisions.

With complete visibility across all mines, stocks, beneficiation, transportation, schedules and non-mining
business processes, you can plan perfectly, make wise decisions and also adapt processes on-the-go to
meet changing market demands. Our  solution includes excellent planning and business intelligence features.

Manage multiple exploration sites

Handle many an exploration site easily and effectively.

You can now handle several exploration sites simultaneously. Besides allowing the planner to schedule
and allocate resources and equipment,  Skhomo Technologies’ offering of Ramco’s solution also helps
track the performance and cost details for individual exploration activities.

Manage mining leases and land parcels with an integrated GIS

Bid adieu to complex paper work. Manage leases and other land-related
compliances easily.

Land procurement and management of land parcels can now be handled digitally with least paper
work. You can procure land at the right time based on the planned scientific working boundary. All
the land details, along with the revenue and village map, can be recorded for future reference
through Ramco VirtualWorks.

Plan scientifically

Model the mine. Visualize and analyze data effectively.

Ramco’s Mine Management Solution enables you to model the mine from just boreholes data. It
helps engineers to analyze the data in the form of contours, digital terrain models, 3-dimensional
block models, grade and tonnage curves, and in-situ and retrievable reserves. You can make the
most of our facility to design ramps, haul roads, dump yards, and tools to perform production
sequencing and optimize the mineral extraction through economic pit limits

Plan, work, profit on the move

You don’t need to be in office to plan intelligently! Our solution stays with you,

Engineers no longer have to rely on walkie-talkies and other means of field communication. Live
information from mines, crushers and logistics providers can be supplied to engineers and
planners on rugged hand-held devices and PDAs.

Optimize ore logistics and transportation

Understand the largest cost point - transportation. Get a grip on the whole picture, and
manage to optimize.

Transportation is the single largest cost in the entire mining supply chain. Various modes of transport like
river, surface and sea with carrier options like trucks, rail, barges, ships, etc., at different stages with varying
volumes, unit cost, transport time and penalties, make supply chain scheduling and logistics planning a very
tough task. With Skhomo Technologies’ Ramco ERP on Cloud, hope is in sight!

Manage ever-changing rules and regulations

Handle stringent mining regulations with ease. Keep up with changing rules.

Mining is one of those industries that regulatory authorities watch very closely. There are stringent regulations and
innumerable rules to be followed, not to forget dozens of compliance documents. Not adhering to even one
requirement can lead to serious implications, including closure of mines. Why worry about all that, when you have
Skhomo Technologies’ Ramco’s solution on hand?

Manage ever-changing rules and regulations

Keep a watch on what you stock. Waste not, want not.

Managing multiple stockpiles/warehouses/blast muck in multiple locations is no mean task. It is a key factor that can
make or break your business. By managing your inventory properly, you can reduce wastage yet ensure that all orders
are fulfilled timely.

Streamline procurement

Be in league with your suppliers. Save time and money.

What you buy influences what you make. It is critical that you get the right materials at the right time, at the right
place and from the right people, and Skhomo Technologies’ Ramco’s ERP solution can help you manage this
quite easily!

Enhance order-to-cash cycle

Efficiency is the secret formula for high-returns.

Any lapse in the sales process can directly affect the customer-and your profitability. It is very important to closely
track and maximize the efficiency of the order-to-cash cycle. We have incorporated every feature required to do

Manage assets optimally

Long live your assets!

Any lapse in the sales process can directly affect the customer-and your profitability. It is very important to
closely track and maximize the efficiency of the order-to-cash cycle. We have incorporated every feature
required to do this.

Manage your workforce effectively

You most valuable asset-people-can also give you the most returns.

Your employees are the face of your company. It is important to make sure they are happy. Of course, happy
employees will work effectively and enhance your profits!

Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco Mine Management - A True Supply Chain Partner
for the Mining & Minerals Industry

Tap the power of information. Manage to optimize. Accelerate your way to industry leadership!

Optimization is the day’s success mantra! However sleek your processes are, there is still room for improvement and optimization-as
you would have realized by now. The best way to gain the industry leadership you desire is to harness technology to achieve
operational efficiency and productivity, optimize the supply chain - including logistics and inventory, and deliver the ore to your
customers at optimum cost.

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