Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco Aviation Series
5 Suite

With fuel prices soaring and the competition in the Aviation space getting fierce, it is
no longer possible for players in the Aviation Industry to sustain and grow the
traditional way. The challenges are staring them in the face, propelling them to look
for ways to adopt cutting-edge solutions that help them automate operations and
bring the best practices to all engineering and maintenance operations to enhance
resource optimization and profitability along with ensuring fleet safety and best in
class customer service.
Skhomo Technologies offer of Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite has been built to
provide a lasting solution to these very challenges. Leveraging the Suite's vast
array of applications, you can automate operations, end-to-end, and reduce
overhead costs, manage inventory more effectively, increase aircraft availability,
reduce AOG (aircraft on ground), and control operations on a business-for-profit
basis. Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Ramco Aviation
Series 5 Suite can easily expand and adapt to accommodate your new or changing
business processes.
Skhomo Technologies’ Ramco's Series 5 Aviation Suite is a business process-
oriented web-centric solution that can be installed on-premise to optimize your
internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure, modern and reliable delivery
framework, which does not call for a huge upfront investment in infrastructure.

Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco Government
Resource Planning (GRP) Suite - For Smart

As a key player in this nation’s growth, you are probably concerned about how to
revitalize public administration and services to make them more transparent,
proactive, efficient and service-oriented. Indeed, this is a challenge facing most
Governments around the world. In their quest to improve service to citizens,
Governments are implementing innovative changes not only in their organizational
structure, practices and capacities, but also in the ways they mobilize, deploy and
utilize human capital, information, technology and financial resources for service
delivery to citizens. As you would have understood by now, Information and
Communications Technology (ICT) plays a key role in this transformation, which is
why most nations are implementing e-governance at various levels.

Whatever be the goal, you can add a ‘smart’ factor to your Government by applying
ICT holistically to planning, management and operations across domains and
process areas to generate sustainable public value. Skhomo Technologies using
Ramco’s Government Resources Planning (GRP) Suite can come to your rescue.
Ramco’s solution is a comprehensive, fully Web-based application suite that
supports budget cycle, project management & accounting, and debt management
among others like financial management, human capital management,
procurement management. It strengthens governance by improving budgetary
transparency, fiscal control and predictability. An end-to-end solution that covers all
your functions and processes, it ensures better decision-making and agility, and
everything else you need to fast-track your nation’s growth.
Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco Mine
Management - A True Supply Chain Partner for the
Mining & Minerals Industry

Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco ERP on Cloud into your enterprise and
experience the magic. Ramco’s comprehensive Mining solution has been fine-
tuned to meet your every need, thanks to years of experience gained by the
company in working with clients in this space. It helps companies in Mining &
Minerals to transform business processes - both internally and externally, and
weave together suppliers, logistics service providers and partners into a
collaborative ecosystem focused on increasing efficiency and responsiveness to
end customers. Based on Ramco VirtualWorks, the solution is also highly flexible. It
provides “change on demand” capability to tweak your system on-the-go, to rapidly
respond to evolving corporate imperatives, regulatory changes and market
Skhomo Technologies’ Ramco’s solution is suited for single / multi-mine, multi-
geography, multi-modal transportation and multi-company enterprises. It weaves
into each of your processes, be it exploration, scientific mine planning, land
management, procurement, inventory management, production, asset
maintenance and management, supply chain planning, sales and marketing,
customer relationship management, human resources and payroll, finance or
analytics, to ensure operational efficiency and productivity. It improves planning and
control, and provides end-to-end visibility so that you are well-equipped to make the
best decisions. The solution is also highly secure, so you need not fret about the
safety of your data - a critical asset.

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