Make the best use of complete, timely, accurate and consistent data for management and budget decision-making
Replace manual and tedious consolidation with flexible structural definitions to handle multiple sectors/ sub-sectors across States.
Complete integration with other modules enhances financial processes
Benefit from the solution’s scalability; configure and roll-out to multiple units without sacrificing security and standardization
Make better decisions using detailed information on complex transactions with other governmental units, line ministries, State
Owned Entities , Governments, donors, suppliers, etc.
Effectively manage financial and non-financial assets, using features for tracking financial operations and generating related
financial reports.
Skhomo Technologies offers Ramco Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite -
For Smart Government

Initiate technology-driven transformation in Provincial, National government. Serve citizens better. Watch the
nation grow.

As a key player in this nation’s growth, you are probably concerned about how to revitalize public administration and services to make
them more transparent, proactive, efficient and service-oriented. Indeed, this is a challenge facing most Governments around the
world. In their quest to improve service to citizens, Governments are implementing innovative changes not only in their organizational
structure, practices and capacities, but also in the ways they mobilize, deploy and utilize human capital, information, technology and
financial resources for service delivery to citizens. As you would have understood by now, Information and Communications
Technology (ICT) plays a key role in this transformation, which is why most nations are implementing e-governance at various levels.
Whatever be your priority, technology can help you achieve it. If you are focused on improving access and delivery of services, your
priority is the front-end interface with customers and citizens. It is about providing more organized, aligned and often integrated
information flows, new transactional capacities, as well as new mechanisms for feedback, consultation, and more participative forms
of democracy. If you are engaged in the management and delivery of public administration, it is about driving down costs and improving
the effectiveness and efficiency of ‘back office’ functions and the basic machinery of government. At the transnational level, you are
probably concerned about removing the barriers to international cooperation and development and creating an agenda of connected
governance globally.

Whatever be the goal, you can add a ‘smart’ factor to your Government by applying ICT holistically to planning, management and
operations across domains and process areas to generate sustainable public value. Skhomo Technologies using Ramco’s
Government Resources Planning (GRP) Suite can come to your rescue. Ramco’s solution is a comprehensive, fully Web-based
application suite that supports budget cycle, project management & accounting, and debt management among others like financial
management, human capital management, procurement management. It strengthens governance by improving budgetary
transparency, fiscal control and predictability. An end-to-end solution that covers all your functions and processes, it ensures better
decision-making and agility, and everything else you need to fast-track your nation’s growth.
Greater Transparency

Ensure greater efficiency in organizational development. Improve governance. Save

You can improve performance and meet Government objectives, thanks to transparency in core
public financial management, revenue and expenditures. Ramco’s GRP helps in centralizing
transactional data and results in proper accounting of all financial transactions across the system.
It helps in seamless integration and ensures completeness of data.

Integrate budget and budget execution data, allowing greater financial control and reducing opportunities for discretion in
the use of public funds
Provide information for budget planning, analysis and government-wide reporting
Review budgets against plans and actual, and generate reports at various stages of budget execution. When necessary,
facilitate budget transfers from the budgeted items to others and from one unit to other units
Define and analyze all financial transactions using centralized chart of accounts and reports
Support government-wide as well as agency-level policy decisions
Control execution of projects in desired sectors.
Benefit from overall visibility on cash position and cash requirements of the governmental units. Use the in-built facility to enter
respective allocations (cash outflow and inflow) for a financial period
Monitor and manage bank and cash balances, forecast the cash requirements
Schedule expenditures including unit budgets and debt
Ensure proper planning before approval of expenses and transfer/ disbursement for expenditure
Make better decisions, thanks to complete view of actual and expected revenues (cash and non-cash).
Secure Access to Critical Data

Safeguard your nation’s interests. Keep all critical data secure yet accessible to authorities.

Government data is sensitive and critical-it needs to be kept safe. But, it cannot be locked up! You need to make accurate information
accessible to the relevant higher authorities to enable quick and efficient decisions. You can rest assured now, because Skhomo
Technologies offering of Ramco GRP includes all systems required to keep your data secure, and provide authorized access to

Use in-built management reporting features to generate all manner of reports: balance sheets, sources and uses of funds,
cost reports, returns on investment, aging of receivables and payables, cash flow projections, budget variances, and
performance reports of all types
Facilitate financial statement preparation
Implement access control to provide rights to relevant users.

Effective Budgetary Control

Spend prudently. Plan funds for developmental and other needs.

Budget planning and balanced usage of funds is vital for economic growth and nation development. Skhomo Technologies using Ramco’s
GRP solution provides you clear visibility on the areas of spending and their effectiveness. It helps to monitor the performance of line
ministries and budgetary units against budgetary allocations.

You can use Commitment Accounting to manage Government revenue and expenditures during budget execution. Commitment
accounting is used only in government and other forms of public financial management. Funds are generated from external agencies and
internal debt instruments. Expenditures are managed to ensure that the budget is not exceeded. Changes in the Government’s financial
situation result in budget transfers to ensure fiscal discipline with a prudent apex national bank
Effective Treasury Management

Make the most of timely Fund Balance information. Prepare cash plans periodically.

Most Government agencies/ central authorities/ agencies process large volumes of transactions
that impact the fund balance on hand with the Treasury. You need to have a proper cash plan
ahead of time, so as to manage the expenditures carefully. The flow of revenue and expenditure at
different time periods is an important factor in assessing cash availability at a specific time period,
and deciding the Government’s spending capability. Timely availability of accurate data helps you
in preparing the cash plans and reconciliations at periodic levels, say, monthly, quarterly, etc.

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