About Us

Skhomo Technologies

Skhomo Technologies is a Consulting company with vast experience in IT, Change
Management,  Project Management and Municipal Technical Management Support. Skhomo
Technologies was established in 2004 to provide integrated solutions and support.  The objective
and the purpose of the company are to execute and implement world class project solutions to the
satisfaction of our clients.  Skhomo Technologies is committed in adding value in most business
and government services through innovative applications in management, spatial solutions and
technical support for decision making. Skhomo Technologies also aims at uplifting lives of people
from the disadvantaged communities by promoting the involvement of both the youth and women
in science.  Skhomo Technologies aims at creating value through each partnership.


To be the leading technology consultants of choice. We believe that through dedication,
passion and unequivocal understanding of the ICT industry we can provide exceptional service
excellence to our clients

Cost - ability to drive down Total Cost of Ownership and increase  productivity.
Quality - ability to deliver solutions that address client’s needs, through strategic
alliances and partnerships.
Flexibility and Scalability -our business philosophy is to have a room for
renegotiating to fit our clients ever changing business needs.
Our vision is to be a leader in providing world-class general ICT, Spatial and Consulting Solutions.

We have and will sustain a unique culture that  empowersour human resources
Passionate to provide our clients with sustainable end-to-end totally integrated
business solution.
Plan, design, implement and maintain/support world-class ICT solutions that
address our client’s business needs.
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